To the person this morning who …


To the person who saw me this morning and said..

wait…. before we get to that story, let me tell you a story from just fifteen minutes prior.

I walked into Starbucks after placing my order online.  Today, unlike most days, it was not ready.  The barista was apologetic because I am a frequent caffeine flyer, but I smiled at her and told her not to worry, assuring her that it will get less busy.  She smiled back and continued filling the orders.  A person just behind me said, “hi, I guess you are waiting for your mobile order as well, huh?” I smiled and agreed, but said that it was okay, they were busier than usual.  We continued with idle banter, but it was pleasant, and I am always smiling and try to be positive.  His order was filled, he left, mine was filled shortly after and I left.

The point of my Starbucks story was that it was uneventful and I was simply happy to have my coffee and life was good.  Now,  let us fast forward to the good parts.

I arrived at my next location, I greeted the security clerk as I entered my office with a smile and a hello, she did the same and I got into the elevator.  There was a man in the elevator and he must have witnessed my exchange with the clerk and said “you are so bright and cheery, must be nice not having any real issues like the rest of us.”

The elevator door just opened as he finished with his statement and I politely said, “I hope you have a great day” and walked away.

Did I want to tell him to …. (expletives)?
Of course!

Did I?
Of course not.

What purpose would it serve, and why would I want to fuel a fire from a spark of a comment?  What benefit would it be to me?

For the person who made that comment, I wish they would have considered that just because a person chooses to be positive, chooses to smile, chooses to encourage, chooses to be kind and chooses to make other people happy, does not mean that they have been flowered with rose petals all their lives.  I have had a very rough life, I have been abandoned, I have been hurt, I have been cheated on, and the list goes on and on.  I … me…. myself, choose to be a light.  You should never let circumstances determine your destiny.  I will say it again.  You should never let circumstances determine your destiny.  Choose to be better, choose to be brighter, choose to be the person that you will be proud of, despite…. <fill in any blank here>.


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