Girls Night and the Drama!


Five of us are sitting at a table in a restaurant, a few wine glasses are on the table and appetizers are on their way.  Katie is having a bit of trouble with her husband, Emily is having problems finding a man.  Clarissa is … just Clarissa, all dramatic.  Nina is the quiet one, she is younger but has two children and a really stable marriage that we all secretly hate her for.  I am, just me… (you will have to figure out your own descriptons about my personality). I will give you some hints as I go through our evening.

Katie found out that her husband John, had lunch with a female co-worker. I know John very well and he is a very faithful man.  Is there a possibility that he acted indecent? No! I can stake my reputation on it.  He loves Katie so much that he does those cute and romantic things for her, treats her well and it makes me want a person that would be so interested, involved and thoughtful.  Katie is insecure because she was cheated on prior to her relationship with John, and I can completely understand her feelings as well.  I hope I can help her understand that she has nothing to worry about.

Emily is a sweet person, she is a bit shy but once you open her up, she can be a bit too silly.  She is responsible, she is kind and she is one of those solid women who would make a great life partner for someone.  She struggles in the area of dating because she is shy and has been a bit too trusting in the past.  As an example, a few months ago, she was seeing a guy whom she completely gave into.  It was only a few dates and we were all wanting her to learn more about him.  It was a few more dates later that he revealed to her that he was married (but separated).  He would promptly get a divorce, and I am sure he had a lot more to add.  Emily did terminate the relationship quickly but was devestated.  I personally feel she needs some time to focus and heal.  Will she listen?

Clarissa is your typical drama queen.  Her whole life seems to be centered around dramatic moments and if none exist, she will create them.  She loves to embelish her stories, she gets really animated and she enjoys being the center of attention.  As an example, she had walked into the restaurant late, was looking for our table and we could hear her with the hostess, loudly exclaming why she was late, and that the cab was the most horrific experience of her life.  She finally found us and loudly settled herself into the empty place setting.  Nina is your silent one that will interject in conversation but she is usually the listener, the observer and the intellectually wise one, despite being the youngest.  She has a great marriage and her two kids are adorable and very respectful.  She has a good sense of humor but it takes approximately two wines for her to become chatty.  Our goal is to get her chatty so we are always on a question to get her there.  We all do absolutely adore her, but we are jealous.  She is so put together, confident, a career woman, super mom and puts notes in her kids’ lunch packs to tell them how much she loves them.  Insert barf smiley here.

Then we get to me!  I am simply awesome. Moving on, because I will not really talk about myself much, that is something you will need to figure out for yourself as I tell you the story.

Now why did I give you the background for my girlfriends?  Well, it is because I want to demonstrate some of the good qualities and not so good qualities through my night with them.  I want to show you the traits that we should all strive to have, and the traits that we need to curb.  Our world is becoming an increasingly negative place, and we get moulded daily by the things we take in.  Through this story, I hope to show you how to identify authentic people, how to tell if someone is being honest,  open-minded and there is a reciprocity in your realtionship with them.  I want to dive into what makes us have strong character and show us what to stay away from so we are not driven by our egos.  We need to live as our genuine selves.  It is only when we achieve this, that we will be fulfilled, gratified and lead a more positive life.

To re-iterate….


I am cheating a bit, and I am trying to write, while at work.  I tell you what we will do. I will update this post every couple of hours with different stories, and some juicy!  How about you follow me, and follow this post. You can write about your feelings and thoughts in the comments and I will respond back.

This story is just unfolding….

At the end of this story, I hope to teach you something very important. I do have a point to these endless ramblings, ha ha.  I wish to teach you the keys to find authentic people and how they act, work and conduct themselves.

More to come, thanks for reading so far. I will finish this today so keep coming back.
Oh and please….. share on your facebook. Share on your twitter, I want to really help others.  This is why I started this whole thing.


My quote for the day….

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

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