I want to give him a time out!


Ever have those mornings when you wake up on time but the world just seems to be moving a bit quicker than you are?  Today was this day for me.  If I leave the house precisely at 7:08 am, I will make it to work on time, however, if I leave the house after 7:10 am, my life is over!   Let me explain.  First, I get stuck trying to make a left hand turn out of my neighborhood because everyone has decided to leave past 7:10 am just to make my drive a bit more challenging.  After you finally take the left with an idiot honking behind you thinking you can magically make the oncoming traffic stop, you venture into the world of school buses.  Oh how I just love the flashing red lights and the children doddlling their way without a care in the world.  Finally, we start to move!  Exciting right?  Two or three near accidents are the norm as the commute begins. You arrive at work only to find a parking spot conveniently half a mile from the building but I actually don’t mind the walk. It is good exercise.  You go through your routine and get settled in.

I am now out of crazy morning mode, I am settled, I am focusing on work and I am booted up and getting ready to make it a great day!

He walks about, hovers around my desk and says, “hayy, howz it goin’ girl?”  Um, do you know how many thoughts went through my mind when I heard that?  Let me give you a few to enlighten you since you seem to be still reading this post.

  1. Why is this person talking to me, I have not ever said hi to them?
  2. Why does this person feel the need of using improper english on a first introduction?
  3. Why is this person wearning ripped jeans to a workplace?
  4. What is that I am smelling?
  5. I hope his long hair does not have lice, ew, wow, I need him gone.
  6. Was he waiting for me, stalking me?
  7. How long has he been waiting to talk to me?
  8. Should I be nice? no wait, scratch that.
  9. What possible motive could he have to say hello, or… “hayy, howz…”

There were quite a few more thoughts, some best left unspoken.  To not be a bitch, I turn and greet him, “oh hello, I am doing well, just getting ready for my meeting.  How can I help you?”.  The tone was professional, it definately had the “please go away” vibe, and I was not sending out any signals.  Well, when you do not send out signals, guys create their own I guess.  He proceeds to say, “Ohhh, you’z playin’ all shy with me, don’t be scared, daddy doesn’t want to hurt you unless you wan him to” (spelling errors are for emphasis, don’t report me to Webster).

Remember when I said to you, I had quite a few thoughts in my head?  Well, just multiply those thoughts by a factor of 10.  What in the world just hapened here?  Did he seriously just tell me he wants to play rough with me with a sexual undertone.  I am at a workplace right?  Well, I said … “You know we are at a workplace and what you said might be taken the wrong way”.  I do not want to get him in trouble, but I do want him to go away.  He continues, “Oh girl, I want to show you what trouble I can cause…”  I stopped him right there with a firm right hand holding out the non-verbal but harsh “stop”.  Then I said, “ok, stop.  I have a meeting and I am trying to nicely tell you to go away please, I have a lot of work to do, and you are not being very professional, and I am putting that nicely. Can you go please?”

He looked at me and says, “no need to be a bitch, f-you, I have plenty of other womanz I can ask out. What make youz all mighty?”.  I was so fed up at this point, and at this point, a couple colleagues had already heard all this and were shaking their heads.  I stood up, looked at him and said, “that’s enough.  You are one of the rudest individuals who I have met and I have tried to be nice, but enough is enough.  I am going to give you two options. I pick up the phone and call HR, or you can go to that little storage room, find yourself a chair and sit there for 10 minutes in time out. You can call that the Penalty Box for your bad behavior.  After that, an apology, followed by … never speak to me again!” Sound good?”  He just looked at me petrified.  I followed up with “You have 5 Seconds”, and he looked at me like I was the insane one. He walked into the storage room, sat on a crate and I said “don’t worry, I am timing”.  It was hilarious.  After he was dismissed, he left hurridely and I did not see him again that day.


What gives men the thought that they can just walk up to someone and assume that they have an automatic date and if a woman says no, it just means yes.  So annoying.  Workplaces are a great place to meet people but have some decorum. Rant over.

The rest of my day was productive, but it did take me a good hour of wasted time to get back on track but I actually ended up finishing all my work and was able to leave on time!  That was awesome.

Quote of the day

” I would rather struggle & work hard for everything I have, than have someone tell me “you wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for me.” – unknown

I prefer to be an independent woman!





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