The Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me!

1I am a young woman who works very hard at her career, finds time for friends, faith and fun.  I love giving back to the community by volunteering, mentoring others and trying to navigate my way through this crazy thing we call life.  Like all of us, I am a special being who wants to inspire other women to speak their mind with grace, poise and confidence.  This is exactly why I have created this blog.  I want an outlet not only for you, but for myself.  I am going to try and post daily thoughts and inspirations and encourage you to join my journey.  Let us learn together, laugh together and if needed, cry together.

May I ask you for a favor?  Well, I guess I have to ask for the favor before waiting back for an answer since we are not having an active dialogue, ha ha.  Follow me.  Like the posts (only if you enjoy my writing).  Write to me, I need the encouragement.  Share this blog with your female friends.  I want to help other women out there, and I feel I have a lot to offer.  After all, if you honestly did not like my posts, you can always “unfriend” or “unfollow” me at a later time.  Just spread the word and be a part of my journey, so we can make it our journey and hopefully the journey of thousands of women all over the world.

My blog is simply ….!
(because someone took the .com)

You might also see me listed under whwowa (I was creative and took the first two letters from What Woman Want!  See… I’m a genius!

Before I scare you away, follow me. Share me. Be my partner on our life journey. I cannot do this without you.

… soon to be your friend

Today’s Quote:

“The comeback is always stronger than the setback!” – author unknown (heck I should just claim it)


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